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About Eve Doyle Jewellery

Eve Doyle is the designer and Goldsmith behind Eve Doyle Jewellery. With a Bachelor of Design(Hons) from NCAD, and technical training through the highly respected Jewellery & Goldsmithing skills course run by the DCCI in Kilkenny, Ireland, Eve has a fresh unique voice.
"My aim is to create intricate, three dimensional pieces with a playful asymmetry. Designing my pieces taking into account the 360* view, my jewellery alters showing different shapes from different angles. I want the wearer to find a sense of wonder in each piece. My sources of inspiration vary, the common thread - each source has made me question, lighting my creativity. 
With a great love of Surrealist artists such as Dali, having been exposed to their art from an early age, I developed a great respect for asymmetric, surprising composition, something I strive to achieve in my own work."

"Hi I’m Eve, the Goldsmith and Designer behind Eve Doyle Jewellery.

Did I always know I wanted to be a Goldsmith? No, As a child I thought I was going to become an Animator, stilling Disney movies on our VCR to sketch the frozen frames. In school I thought maybe I could be an Architect, it wasn’t until my Architecture interview when, on seeing my portfolio they asked “Would you not think of Art College?” that Jewellery became a possibility(Lightbulb moment). Myself and my friend Barbara took a 2 week jewellery course in the summer between 5th and 6th year and I was hooked! 5 years later I graduated with a Bachelor of Design (Hons) and ten years after that a diploma from the renowned Jewellery & Goldsmithing Design Course run by the DCCI in Kilkenny. It has taken me a long time to get here, but last year I finally set up Eve Doyle Jewellery (Happy dance)

I enjoy designing and making everything from understated everyday jewellery, to large statement pieces, every design presents it’s own challenges, keeping me on my toes. As a person, I have always loved change, so bespoke one off pieces are my absolute favourite, they are the sparkly icing on this silver cake!"